Contemporary without being hard-edged Roost products are crafted with care from authentic, natural materials and artisanal fabrication techniques. Roost utilizes recycled and repurposed materials whenever possible.


Eyewear for the irreverent & slightly jaded. There's an eyebobs reading glasses style to suit every mood, from cool and classic to big, bold and bright. 


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Briana Erin, the Los Angeles based jewelry designer behind Tat2 Designs, has created a collection that is equal parts everyday and runway. Growing up as the daughter of a master sculptor, she was surrounded by an abundance of creativity, which has influenced her aesthetic from the start. Rather than interpreting the artist’s palette in terms of color, Briana prefers to interpret in terms of metal gradients and antique finishes. Tat2 Designs incorporates an array of mixed metals such as pewter, brass, and copper, 24k gold and sterling silver plate, as well as Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, and leather.


b.u. is a collection of handmade jewelry, a collection of charms, symbols, totems, talismen—all are inspirational, some whimsical, others serious.

Lulu DK

Lulu DK, we strive to continue to grow and share inspiration with you.


As they influence our personalities and our lives in subtle and great ways, the Zodiac Collection uses the constellation of when you were born and in the brightest star sits your birthstone. We encourage you to honor your talents and challenges that define the essence of you.


Hammitt is worn, is handled, is loved. You are our inspiration.
You are Hammitt.

my saint my hero

My Saint My Hero was founded on the belief that God is real, prayer works, and love heals. The pieces are wearable blessings, crafted in love and prayer and empower women through meaningful work.